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exclusively in Thailand, Bangladesh, and Mexico - If you've ever been curious to know what a whore's life might be like, then here's a professionally presented production that'll certainly open your eyes to all of the ins outs (pardon. This documentary is made up of 3 parts. If you enjoy documentaries about the shadier sides of life, then chances are that your time is much better spent elsewhere. And it's a very depressing world for these women particularly the segment in Bangladesh.

The artist, write, filmmaker always has to leave something out, which means he has to make choices, which means it's always biased. 0 out of 3 found this helpful. My one critique is thematically, the movie is about prostitution in abject poverty, not prostitution as a "job but does not make any distinction. However, this was also where the director actually started to step up and show the story of some of the women working there. Remember while watching: 100 Taka 0,95. They can get other jobs, but choose to do this. They sometimes talk to the camera. But at almost 2 hours, this documentary proved to be very little educational. And this made it a very tragic watch. I just love the irony of how the synopsis claims: "The documentary revolves around the lives and individual hopes, needs and experiences of the women." This is such a stretch and can hardly pass as being proper information about the contents.

Be warned though, that this segment does hold some sexual graphic scenes, which might not just be suitable for anyone. I know that here in the US there are a lot of people that think it's cool to glamorize "sex work" but this documentary shows what the reality is for a lot of women. The only negative this is that the depressing music is cranked a little too high in the mix and is really obtrusive at times. Jeuxjeuxjeux est un portail pour toute la famille! What probably struck me most were the small rituals, often merely casual habits, that are used by the girls to keep hanging on in their incredibly hard life. At least Bangkok is clean, whereas the next location in the City of God in Bangladesh is beyond filthy. The first part takes place in Bangkok a city notorious for its sleaze. The whole thing is incredibly depressing. ) 10 out of 14 found this helpful. Permalink Glad I don't live in Mexico bangkok-1 25 February 2013 Warning: Spoilers I didn't get this film or what it was trying to say.


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Only very few seemed to have no problems at all with it, most of them were suffering, but they needed to do it for the money. What makes the film unique is that there is no narration or cuts to "experts" and hardly any interviews. Permalink Look into another World lampshadegingerale 3 November 2016 Warning: Spoilers Whore's Glory is a glimpse into a world not seem by most people. Some of the girls in the brothel are obviously underage and there is a segment where one girl is sold and indentured to a madam. What I didn't like is the sometimes intrusive hipster music soundtrack and the weakness of the third segment. The film lost some credibility when women started whipping their breasts out and allowed themselves to be filmed giving blow jobs. In the end, the almost two hour length of the documentary is painful to watch, as no one at all will ever escape their tragic lives. In Thailand, the girls do not seem as victimized. Paul_haakonsen 12 December 2013 This documentary was nowhere near as interesting as it could have been.

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I added this paragraph because IMDb won't let me publish without at least ten lines, so I had to add something. Society is so stratified that people's choices are limited. Zona is secured with barriers and is constantly monitored by the police. However, today as I scrolled through the 200 long list of movies, I stopped over the title, and decided to go ahead and watch. I have to give the film-makers credit for going into this world. In one scene, a madame buying a prostitute from another madame haggles over the price of the girl. The segment largely takes place in the "fishbowl" brothel where women sit around all day in a glass display room until they get called up to service a john.

The film examines the level of prostitution in several parts of the world including Latin America and Asia for example. Strong, as the saying goes. The music is so distracting, I find myself muting the audio just to avoid. One can argue (as I'm sure has been done) whether 'dramatic' music in such a documentary is fitting. So you walk into a brothel, do a few interviews of the girls, staff and patrons? On m, the film was given an 89 ranking by critics, with an average rating.5/10. It shows us that many of them share the same hopes and dreams many of us have; to have a good life and not have to worry about where your next meal will come from, to fall in love. The final city is in Mexico in a place called the red zone. I am glad that she picked it out.

"The Fishtank" proved to be the most 'glamorous' of the places shown and of the three segments. The movie is very effective. The only real differences came from the personal approach that all the prostitutes gave the subject and their profession. It was quite interesting, and gave a real look into prostitution that I didn't expect to see. Sentez monter l'adrénaline dans les jeux d'action, utilisez votre cerveau pour les puzzles et votre sens de la mode pour habiller poupées et jeunes filles! Religion and superstitious mysticism play a part in the women's lives, just as for others in their societies.

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